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Providing an expansive portfolio of innovative and industry leading image sensors and image processors and modules to photodetectors (SPAD, SiPM) and much more.

By Technology

Inductive Sensing
A selection of high performance devices for interfacing with inductive position sensors for industrial and automotive applications
Image Sensors
A broad portfolio of industry leading image sensors that satisfy requirements of every possible end application from wearables and consumer electronics to demanding industrial and automotive applications.
Image Signal Processors (ISPs)
A selection of imaging co-processors for use with advanced CMOS image sensors.
Image Sensor Modules
Contact image sensor modules that integrate a light source, lens, and an image sensor in a compact housing.
Photodetectors (SiPM, SPAD)
Selection of Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM) and Single Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPAD) that cover a wide range of applications.
Thermal Management
A broad portfolio of thermal management products, ranging from simple temperature sensors to sophisticated system monitoring solutions.
Ultrasonic Sensor
The sensor measures the time of flight to an object and converts to the distance for park assist application.
Ambient Light Sensors
Ambient light sensors and proximity sensors with high sensitivity for mobile, consumer, and industrial applications.
Electrochemical Sensor AFE
A selection of analog front-end devices for interfacing with electrochemical sensors in industrial and medical applications.