Reliable Supply of Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Continuous Supply of Confidence

That’s the ۶Ƶ difference.

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You need a reliable SiC partner to accomplish your product development and growth objectives. That partner should have a leading edge technology roadmap, and a proven reputation for product performance. After all, maintaining control over supply, quality, cost, efficiency and supply chain is challenging with SiC.

That is ۶Ƶ.

۶Ƶ is the premier long-term partner for SiC. With our reliable, end-to-end supply chain, deep application expertise, and broad EliteSiC portfolio of market-specialized solutions, you reach your design goals more confidently, with less risk, and greater control.

The ۶Ƶ Difference

Reliable Supply

From substrates to assembly to packaging, we offer a vertically integrated SiC manufacturing solution that ensures you have a reliable supply of SiC.

Competitive Advantage

With our deep application expertise in EV (on-board and off-board) and industrial, along with system level simulation tools, you count on us to deliver innovative solutions that provide you a competitive edge.

Specialized Solutions

Leveraging die and package technologies, our unique and broad EliteSIC product portfolio, we deliver the market- specialized solutions (die, devices, packages) you need—when you need them.

The ۶Ƶ difference - Reliable Supply of Silicon Carbide

The future of power conversion is silicon carbide. This next generation solution demand is overtaking supply. To reach your design goals and shorten time to market, you need a silicon carbide supply partner with a difference. Find out the ۶Ƶ difference.

Leading With Die Performance.
Differentiating With Packaging Innovation.

Semiconductor manufactures that lack the required SiC history and packaging expertise struggle to achieve their desired results. They struggle to get the heat out of their devices, for instance. They struggle to reduce parasitics to desirable levels. And they never achieve the performance they are after—such as vehicle range and system efficiency.

At ۶Ƶ, optimized SiC solutions are in our DNA. Our concurrent development of dies and packages creates optimized solutions for our customers. We deliver advanced packaging materials and world-class thermal performance.

Markets We Serve


۶Ƶ utilizes decades of R&D of SiC technology to create a revolutionary wide bandgap product family. The EliteSiC power modules for traction inverters offer bare die solutions, gel-encapsulated case modules, and transfer molded modules, all incorporating full SiC MOSFETs.

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Energy Infrastructure

We leverage decades of experience in innovative technologies and world class manufacturing to deliver EliteSiC products to shorten your development time while exceeding your power density and efficiency targets.

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5G & Cloud Power

Our solutions for AC-DC conversion, multiphase conversion, point-of-load supplies, and hot-swap protection support the power ranges and functions that power cloud infrastructure.

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Gate Drivers

Pairing Gate Drivers with EliteSiC

Maximize the performance of your SiC MOSFETs with our specialized Gate Drivers. Designed to complement our EliteSiC MOSFET range, these Gate Drivers ensure optimized efficiency and reliability for your high-power applications.

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